Version: 1.0

Hydra in Unit Tests

Use initialize(), initialize_config_module() or initialize_config_dir() in conjunction with compose() to compose configs inside your unit tests.
Be sure to read the Compose API documentation.

The Hydra example application contains c complete example test.

Testing example with initialize()
from hydra.experimental import initialize, compose
# 1. initialize will add config_path the config search path within the context
# 2. The module with your configs should be importable.
# it needs to have a (can be empty).
# 3. THe config path is relative to the file calling initialize (this file)
def test_with_initialize() -> None:
with initialize(config_path="../hydra_app/conf"):
# config is relative to a module
cfg = compose(config_name="config", overrides=["app.user=test_user"])
assert cfg == {
"app": {"user": "test_user", "num1": 10, "num2": 20},
"db": {"host": "localhost", "port": 3306},
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