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Decorating the main function

@hydra.main can be used over decorated functions:
from omegaconf import DictConfig, OmegaConf
import hydra

from mypackage import mydecorator

def my_app(cfg: DictConfig) -> None:
from functools import wraps
from typing import Callable

from omegaconf import DictConfig

def mydecorator(func: Callable) -> Callable:
def inner_decorator(cfg: DictConfig):
print(OmegaConf.to_yaml(cfg)) # do some stuff
return func(cfg) # pass cfg to decorated function

return inner_decorator

Decorator should be compatible with rules below:

  1. It should be created using @functools.wraps decorator
  2. It should accept an argument of type omegaconf.DictConfig and pass it to the underlying function

@functools.wraps passes name and docstring of underlying function to the decorated one.

But more importantly, it saves underlying function into __wrapped__ attribute of decorated function, which is used by hydra.main to calculate the absolute path of config file.

Without @wraps hydra will fail while searching for the config path:

hydra.errors.MissingConfigException: Primary config directory not found.
Check that the config directory '/usr/local/lib/python3.7/conf' exists and readable