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Version: 1.1

The Defaults List



Many of the features described in this page are new. Please report any issues.

The Defaults List is a list in an input config that instructs Hydra how to build the output config. Each input config can have a Defaults List as a top level element. The Defaults List itself is not a part of output config.

Defaults List YAML syntax
CONFIG                 : (CONFIG_GROUP/)?CONFIG_NAME(@PACKAGE)?GROUP_DEFAULT          : [optional|override]? CONFIG_GROUP(@PACKAGE)?: OPTIONOPTION                 : CONFIG_NAME|CONFIG_NAMES|null

CONFIG : A config to use when creating the output config. e.g. db/mysql, db/[email protected].

GROUP_DEFAULT : An overridable config. e.g. db: mysql, [email protected]: mysql.

  • override : Overrides the option of a previously defined GROUP_DEFAULT.
  • optional : By default, an OPTION that do not exist causes an error; optional suppresses the error.
  • null : A place-holder for a future override. If it is not overridden the entry is ignored.

CONFIG_NAME: The name of a config, without the file system extension. e.g. mysql and not mysql.yaml.

CONFIG_NAMES : A list of config names. e.g. [mysql, sqlite]

CONFIG_GROUP : A path to a set of configs.
The path is relative to the containing config. It can be made absolute by prefixing it with a /.
The path separator is / regardless of the operating system.

OPTION: The currently selected CONFIG_NAME or CONFIG_NAMES from a CONFIG_GROUP.

PACKAGE : Where to place the content of the config within the output config. It is relative to the Package of the containing config by default. See Packages.

An example#

Config directory structure
โ”œโ”€โ”€ serverโ”‚   โ”œโ”€โ”€ dbโ”‚   โ”‚   โ”œโ”€โ”€ mysql.yamlโ”‚   โ”‚   โ””โ”€โ”€ sqlite.yamlโ”‚   โ””โ”€โ”€ apache.yamlโ””โ”€โ”€ config.yaml

Input configs:

defaults:  - server/apache
debug: false

defaults:  - db: mysql
name: apache

name: mysql
name: sqlite

Output config:

$ python
server:  db:    name: mysql  name: apachedebug: false

Overriding Config Group options#

A Config Group's option can be overridden using a new GROUP_DEFAULT with the override keyword. If a Group Default is overridden more than once, the last one, in depth first order, wins.

Extending the previous example:

defaults:  - server/apache  - override server/db: sqlite
debug: false
$ python
server:  db:    name: sqlite  name: apachedebug: false

A Config Group's option can also be overridden via the command line. e.g:

$ python server/db=sqlite

Composition order#

The Defaults List is ordered:

  • If multiple configs define the same value, the last one wins.
  • If multiple configs contribute to the same dictionary, the result is the combined dictionary.

By default, the content of a config is overriding the content of configs in the defaults list.

defaults:  - db: mysql  
db:  host: backup
Result: from config
db:  driver: mysql    # db/mysql.yaml  host: backup     # config.yaml  port: 3306       # db/mysql.yaml

The _self_ entry determines the relative position of this config in the Defaults List. If it is not specified, it is added automatically as the last item.

defaults:  - _self_  - db: mysql # Overrides this config 
db:  host: backup
Result: All values from db/mysql
db:  driver: mysql    # db/mysql.yaml  host: localhost  # db/mysql.yaml  port: 3306       # db/mysql.yaml

With _self_ at the top of the Defaults List, the host field defined in config.yaml now precedes the host field defined in db/mysql.yaml, and as a result is overridden.

Interpolation in the Defaults List#

Config Group Options can be selected using interpolation.

defaults:  - server: apache  - db: mysql  - combination_specific_config: ${server}_${db}  # apache_mysql

Interpolation keys can be config groups with any @package overrides.
For example: ${db/engine}, ${[email protected]}

The selected option for combination_specific_config depends on the final selected options for db and server.
e.g., If db is overridden to sqlite, combination_specific_config will become apache_sqlite.


  • Interpolation keys in the Defaults List cannot reference values in the Final Config Object (it does not yet exist).
  • Defaults List interpolation keys are absolute (even in nested configs).
  • The subtree expanded by an Interpolated Config may not contain Default List overrides.

See Patterns/Specializing Configs for more information.

Debugging the Defaults List#

Hydra's config composition process is as follows:

  • The Defaults Tree is created.
  • The Final Defaults List is created via a DFS walk of the Defaults Tree.
  • The Output Config is composed from the entries in the Final Defaults List.

You can inspect these artifacts via command line flags:

  • --info defaults-tree shows the Defaults Tree.
  • --info defaults Shows the Final Defaults List.
  • --cfg job|hydra|all Shows the Output Config.

Example outputs:

python --info defaults-tree
<root>:  hydra/config:    hydra/hydra_logging: default    hydra/job_logging: default    hydra/launcher: basic    hydra/sweeper: basic    hydra/output: default    hydra/help: default    hydra/hydra_help: default    _self_  config:    server/apache:      server/db: mysql      _self_    _self_
python --info defaults
Defaults List*************| Config path                 | Package             | _self_ | Parent        | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------| hydra/hydra_logging/default | hydra.hydra_logging | False  | hydra/config  || hydra/job_logging/default   | hydra.job_logging   | False  | hydra/config  || hydra/launcher/basic        | hydra.launcher      | False  | hydra/config  || hydra/sweeper/basic         | hydra.sweeper       | False  | hydra/config  || hydra/output/default        | hydra               | False  | hydra/config  || hydra/help/default          |          | False  | hydra/config  || hydra/hydra_help/default    | hydra.hydra_help    | False  | hydra/config  || hydra/config                | hydra               | True   | <root>        || server/db/mysql             | server.db           | False  | server/apache || server/apache               | server              | True   | config        || config                      |                     | True   | <root>        |-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
python --cfg job
server:  db:    name: mysql  name: apachedebug: false

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