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Version: 1.0

Defaults List

Β Example (Click Here)

You can define a defaults list in your primary Structured Config just like you can in your primary config.yaml file. The example below extends the previous example by adding a defaults list that will load db=mysql by default.

from omegaconf import MISSING, OmegaConf  # Do not confuse with dataclass.MISSING

class MySQLConfig:

class PostGreSQLConfig:

defaults = [
# Load the config "mysql" from the config group "db"
{"db": "mysql"}

class Config:
# this is unfortunately verbose due to @dataclass limitations
defaults: List[Any] = field(default_factory=lambda: defaults)

# Hydra will populate this field based on the defaults list
db: Any = MISSING

cs = ConfigStore.instance()"db", name="mysql", node=MySQLConfig)"db", name="postgresql", node=PostGreSQLConfig)"config", node=Config)

def my_app(cfg: Config) -> None:

if __name__ == "__main__":

Running loads the mysql config option by default:

$ python
driver: mysql

You can override the default option via the command line:

$ python db=postgresql
driver: postgresql

Requiring users to specify a default list value​

Set db as MISSING to require the user to specify a value on the command line.

Defaults list with a missing db
defaults = [
{"db": MISSING}

$ python
You must specify 'db', e.g, db=<OPTION>
Available options: