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Version: 1.0

Config Store API

ConfigStore is a singleton storing configs in memory. The primary API for interacting with the ConfigStore is the store method described below.


class ConfigStore(metaclass=Singleton):
def store(
name: str,
node: Any,
group: Optional[str] = None,
package: Optional[str] = "_group_",
provider: Optional[str] = None,
) -> None:
Stores a config node into the repository
:param name: config name
:param node: config node, can be DictConfig, ListConfig,
Structured configs and even dict and list
:param group: config group, subgroup separator is '/',
for example hydra/launcher
:param package: Config node parent hierarchy.
Child separator is '.', for example
:param provider: the name of the module/app providing this config.
Helps debugging.

Example node values​

A few examples of supported node values parameters:

class MySQLConfig:
host: str = "localhost"
port: int = 3306

# Using the type"config1", node=MySQLConfig)
# Using an instance, overriding some default values"config2", node=MySQLConfig(host="test.db", port=3307))
# Using a dictionary, forfeiting runtime type safety"config3", node={"host": "localhost", "port": 3308})