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Version: 1.0

Config path changes


Hydra 1.0 adds a new config_name parameter to @hydra.main() and changes the meaning of the config_path. Previously, config_path encapsulated two things:

  • Search path relative to the declaring python file.
  • Optional config file (.yaml) to load.

Having both of those things in the same parameter does not work well if you consider configs that are not files such as Structured Configs. In addition, it prevents overriding just the config_name or just the config_path

A second change is that the config_name no longer requires a file extension. For configs files the .yaml extension will be added automatically when the file is loaded.

This change is backward compatible, but support for the old style is deprecated and will be removed in the next major Hydra version.

Migration examples​

Hydra 0.11


Hydra 1.0


Hydra 0.11


Hydra 1.0
@hydra.main(config_path="conf", config_name="config")