Version: 1.0


Hydra uses a test automation tool called nox to manage tests, linting, code coverage, etc. nox will run all the configured sessions. You can see the full list of nox sessions with nox -l and run specific sessions with nox -s NAME (you may need to quote the session name in some cases)

With pytest

Run pytest at the repository root to run all the Hydra core tests. To run the tests of individual plugins, use pytest plugins/NAME.


Some plugins support fewer versions of Python than the Hydra core.

With nox

See nox -l. a few examples:

  • nox -s test_core will test Hydra core on all supported Python versions
  • nox -s "test_core-3.6(pip install)" : Test on Python 3.6 with pip install as installation method
  • nox -s "test_plugins-3.8(pip install -e)" : Test plugins on Python 3.8 with pip install -e as installation method
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