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Version: 1.0

Style Guide

The code need to pass verification by the following tools:

  • black . : Automatic code formatting for Python
  • flake8 : PEP8 compliance checker for Python, this includes copyright header verification
  • isort . : Ensure imports are sorted properly
  • mypy --strict . : Ensures code passes strict type checking
  • yamllint . : Ensures that yaml files are syntactically correct and properly indented.

The easiest way to run the required verifications is:

  • nox -s lint : for the Hydra core
  • nox -s lint_plugins : for the included plugins

isort is a bit tricky to run for plugins. the best way to get it to sort the plugins imports is with the FIX environment variable:

$ FIX=1 nox -s lint_plugins

It is also recommended that you install pre-commit hooks (use pre-commit install). pre-commit will execute some of the above tests when you commit your code locally. You can disable it by appending -n to your commit command: git commit -m wip -n

Pull requests that do not lint will fail the automated testing.