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Version: 0.11

Ray example

Ray is a framework for building and running distributed applications. Hydra can be used with Ray to configure Ray itself as well as complex remote calls through the compose API. A future plugin will enable launching to Ray clusters directly from the command line.

import hydrafrom hydra.experimental import composeimport rayimport timefrom omegaconf import OmegaConf
@ray.remotedef train(overrides, cfg):    print(OmegaConf.to_yaml(cfg))    time.sleep(5)    return overrides, 0.9

@hydra.main(config_path="conf/config.yaml")def main(cfg):    ray.init(**cfg.ray.init)
    results = []    for model in ["alexnet", "resnet"]:        for dataset in ["cifar10", "imagenet"]:            overrides = [f"dataset={dataset}", f"model={model}"]            run_cfg = compose(overrides=overrides)            ret = train.remote(overrides, run_cfg)            results.append(ret)
    for overrides, score in ray.get(results):        print(f"Result from {overrides} : {score}")

if __name__ == "__main__":    main()


(pid=11571) dataset:(pid=11571)   name: cifar10(pid=11571)   path: /datasets/cifar10(pid=11571) model:(pid=11571)   num_layers: 7(pid=11571)   type: alexnet(pid=11571) (pid=11572) dataset:(pid=11572)   name: imagenet(pid=11572)   path: /datasets/imagenet(pid=11572) model:(pid=11572)   num_layers: 7(pid=11572)   type: alexnet(pid=11572) (pid=11573) dataset:(pid=11573)   name: cifar10(pid=11573)   path: /datasets/cifar10(pid=11573) model:(pid=11573)   num_layers: 50(pid=11573)   type: resnet(pid=11573)   width: 10(pid=11573) (pid=11574) dataset:(pid=11574)   name: imagenet(pid=11574)   path: /datasets/imagenet(pid=11574) model:(pid=11574)   num_layers: 50(pid=11574)   type: resnet(pid=11574)   width: 10(pid=11574) Result from ['dataset=cifar10', 'model=alexnet'] : 0.9Result from ['dataset=imagenet', 'model=alexnet'] : 0.9Result from ['dataset=cifar10', 'model=resnet'] : 0.9Result from ['dataset=imagenet', 'model=resnet'] : 0.9