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Version: 0.11

Compose API

Hydra 0.11.0 introduces a new experimental API for composing configuration via the hydra.experimental.compose() function. Prior to calling compose(), you have to initialize Hydra: This can be done by using the standard @hydra.main() or by calling hydra.experimental.initialize().

Here is an example Jupyter notebook utilizing this API.

hydra.experimental.compose() example​

from hydra.experimental import compose, initialize

if __name__ == "__main__":
config_dir="conf", strict=True,

cfg = compose("config.yaml", overrides=["db=mysql", "db.user=me"])

API Documentation​

def compose(config_file=None, overrides=[], strict=None):
:param config_file: optional config file to load
:param overrides: list of overrides for config file
:param strict: optionally override the default strict mode
:return: the composed config

def initialize(config_dir=None, strict=None, caller_stack_depth=1):
Initializes the Hydra sub system

:param config_dir: config directory relative to the calling script
:param strict: Default value for strict mode
:param caller_stack_depth: