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Version: 0.11

Customizing Application's help

Hydra provides two different help options:

  • --help : Application specific help
  • --hydra-help Hydra specific help.

Example output of --help:

$ python --helpmy_app is powered by Hydra.
== Configuration groups ==Compose your configuration from those groups (group=option)
db: mysql, postgresql

== Config ==Override anything in the config (
db:  driver: mysql  pass: secret  user: omry

Powered by Hydra ( --hydra-help to view Hydra specific help

This output is generated from the following default configuration. You can override the individual components like or the whole template.

hydra:  help:    # App name, override to match the name your app is known by    app_name: ${}
    # Help header, customize to describe your app to your users    header: |      ${} is powered by Hydra.
    footer: |      Powered by Hydra (      Use --hydra-help to view Hydra specific help
    # Basic Hydra flags:    #   $FLAGS_HELP    #    # Config groups, choose one of:    #   $APP_CONFIG_GROUPS: All config groups that does not start with hydra/.    #   $HYDRA_CONFIG_GROUPS: All the Hydra config groups (starts with hydra/)    #    # Configuration generated with overrides:    #   $CONFIG : Generated config    #    template: |      ${}      == Configuration groups ==      Compose your configuration from those groups (group=option)
      == Config ==      Override anything in the config (