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Object instantiation changes#

Hydra 1.0.0 is deprecating ObjectConf and the corresponding config structure to a simpler one without the params node. This removes a level of nesting from command line and configs overrides.

Hydra 0.11
class: my_app.MySQLConnectionparams:  host: localhost  user: root  password: 1234
Hydra 1.0
_target_: my_app.MySQLConnectionhost: localhostuser: rootpassword: 1234

Hydra configuration#

Hydra plugins are configured using the same mechanism. This means that this change will effect how all plugins are configured and overridden. This is a breaking change for code overriding configs in such plugins, but luckily it's easy to fix.

As an example, a Sweeper plugin override will change as follows:

Hydra 0.11
Hydra 1.0