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Adding an @package directive#

Hydra 1.0 introduces the concept of a config package. A package is the common parent path of all nodes in the config file.

  • In Hydra 0.11, there was an implicit default of _global_ ("")
  • In Hydra 1.1 the default will be _group_ (the name of the config group).
  • Hydra 1.0 maintains the implicit default of _global_ and issues a warning for any config group file without a @package directive.

By adding an explicit @package to these configs now, you guarantee that your configs will not break when you upgrade to Hydra 1.1.

The @package directive is described in details here.

Upgrade instructions:#

Recommended (~10 seconds per config file):#

Case 1: For config files where the common parent path matches the config group name:

  • Add # @package _group_ to the top of every config group file
  • Remove the common parent path config file like in the example below.

Case 2: For files without a common parent path:

  • Add # @package _global_.

Alternative (not recommended):#

  • If you do not want to restructure the config at this time use Case 2 for all your config files.

Example for case 1:#


db:  driver: mysql  host: localhost  port: 3306


# @package _group_driver: mysqlhost: localhostport: 3306

The interpretations of the before and after files are identical.

Example for case 2:#

# @package _global_db:  driver: mysql  host:  port: 3306
webserver:  host:  port: 443